Behavioural Interviewing Skills

Course Description

This course is designed for people who conduct employment interviews in organisations that do not use a competency framework. Participants will gain the skills to use structured interviews and behavourial questions to identify potential candidates. It will demonstrate how to comply with the employment legislation in Ireland. It will also suggest some ways to deal with candidates who may have rehearsed answers to predictable questions.
1 Day
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This course is aimed at people who have little experience of interviewing as well as those who want to refresh their skills or formalise their existing arrangements.

Participants will

Understand the legal and organisational responsibilities of the interviewers
Use a range of questioning techniques to gain the desired information from the candidates
Create a range of questions to add to a question bank
Conduct structured and compliant employment interviewers
Capture and objectively evaluate interview data

The legislative environment

Equality act and employment law
Freedom of Information Act

Guidelines for preparations

The job description
The role purpose and context
Specific priorities and responsibilities
Creating a person specification
Analysing the CV or Application
The YouTube effect

The role of the interview panel

The role of the chair
Assigning roles to other interviewers
Deciding who asks what

Conducting the interview

Opening the interview
Putting the candidate at ease


The importance of notes
Note-taking formats
Using notes as part of decision making

Questioning skills

The interview question plan
Avoiding illegal questions
Behavioural interview questions
Types of questions- open, closed, probing
The power of silence
Ineffective questions

Common interviewer pitfalls

Halo and horns effect
Perception and perceptual biases
Non-verbal communication

Weighting and scoring candidates

Using a marking scheme
Choosing the right person
Using an evidence matrix

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