Collaboration and Innovation Workshop for Operational Managers

Course Description

The key contributors to improving organisational competitiveness are the collaborative and innovative work practices of the team or employees. When the senior management decide to introduce such a strategy, the responsibility for applying the new model operationally and embedding the change rests with the line manager. This workshop has been designed to support managers who need to implement this new strategy. It will provide a theoretical and practical grounding in the managerial and leadership issues facing today`s complex organisations. It will present a set of practical tools and techniques for facilitating collaborative teamwork.
2 Days
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This workshop is designed for managers who are responsible for creating and managing a team within their organisation to work collaboratively across traditional boundaries. The focus is on applying an organisational strategy to change the traditional structure to a more flexible cross functional model. It is suitable for managers or team leaders who understand that this can only be successful if they themselves change the way in which they manage the team.

Benefits of attending

- The participants will learn about the best practice and up to date research on creating and managing a collaborative and innovative team.
- They will explore tools and techniques to leverage the competences and capability of the team members
- They will use Project management software to provide a framework for managing projects
- They will have an opportunity to assess and evaluate real life examples and case studies.
- They will identify and create a plan to deal with any barriers to collaboration in their organisation.
- The participants will understand the importance of selecting a set of actions that are achievable within their organisation and reflect any resource constraints and capacity of the organization to absorb change

Tailoring the training to meet your organisation’s needs

The following outline gives an overview of the core elements the training and development course. However we believe that the training will be more successful if it is viewed by the participants as relevant and transferable to their work place reality. A one-size-fits-all training session may not be appropriate to meet the development needs of your organisation.
Our training and organisational specialist will be happy to speak with and clarify any specific issues or emphasis that will help us deliver a customised training and development session to develop the required competences and improve performance.

Day one

Innovation and Collaboration moving from concepts to implementation

The real impact of innovation in your team
Selling the concept internally
Creating momentum
Taking the No out of Innovation
Challenging the real or imagined inertia

Moving from star player to star team

The importance of attitudes over experience
Managing using the Bioteam Rules
Identify and nurture the supporting behaviours
Using Burt�s Social network theory to build effective networks
Managing the white space on the organisation chart
How social networks facilitate collaboration
Nonaki�s Knowledge Spiral as a tool to share organisational knowledge

Creating your own personal strategy

The importance of Attitude
Where do you begin?
Using Project management software
The importance of clearly communicating the kill switch rules

Day two

The importance of the organisational structure

Flexible team composition- different goals- different collaboration requirement
Measuring ROI on projects

Barriers to collaboration and innovation

Is it a silver bullet?
Inadequate infrastructure
The consequences of poor role definition
Undefined data sharing strategies
Managing conflict
Not invented here syndrome
Changing the control freak

Contribution of Collaboration to organisational success

Distributes workload- combines knowledge
Integrated perspectives
Knowledge management
The importance of senior management buyin and support

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