Creating a Framework for Decision making

Course Description

The ability of key people in organisations to make decisions and solve problems effectively has an important impact on the degree of 'buy in' to those decisions and on organisational effectiveness in general. The process by which decisions are made has a positive or negative effect on all concerned. This workshop will present techniques and practical ways to improve the decision-making skills of the participants and to show them how to tailor their approach to fit the complexity of the situations.
1 Day
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This workshop is designed for Managers, Supervisors or Team Managers


Understanding and defining complexity
Framing the levels of Complexity and context
The range of decision making techniques
Group or individual process

The Nature of Group Decision Making
The Difficulty with Group Decision Making
Avoiding Groupthink
Structured antagonism
The importance of open communication
Is your vision their vision?

The decision-making process
Using a Systematic Method
Challenge all assumptions
Dividing the problem into it`s component parts

Get other opinions
Write it down
Change your perspective
The change from goal orientation to process orientation
Decision-making styles
Attributes of an effective decision maker

Stop looking for the next great idea
The benefit of creative abandonment
Think inside the box

Making a choice or coming to a conclusion.
Moving from "what do I want to do "to" what really needs to be done"
Developing a systematic method for evaluating and integrating new ideas

The impact of a poor decision making process
The role of emotions in decision making

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