How Customer Service Leads to Competitive Advantage

Course Description

This workshop will give the managers the techniques, skills and confidence to initiate steps to create the environment and culture to deliver improved customer experiences. It will encourage the manager to champion the customer experience within the team and in the wider organisation.
2 days
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Day 1

Redefining Customer Service

Don`t just ask the frontline staff to do customer service; what does it mean in terms of beliefs and behaviour.

The company or department must define what "brand" of customer service they want to be known for and what it should look like, what are the key beliefs and behaviours. Otherwise the front line staff defines in their own minds what the service level should be and that can lead to mediocre or patchy service.

Providing an organisational Framework

Ensuring the team understands what the organisation provides and how it is delivered from start to finish. This may involve cross training your employees or inviting someone from another department to speak with them. (do the staff actually know what happens when a query or service call is processed?)

Setting service goals

1. Where are the service gaps?
2. How are they measured?
3. How can they be resolved?

Communicating Professionally

In person
With internal customers

Day 2

Teamwork and Customer Service

Task of the Team Leader
Creating a customer service focused team
Early indications of problems

Coaching your individual team members

Recognise heroic acts
Focus on the behaviour not the person
Setting milestones
Get people to own their work

Giving and receiving feedback

The goal of feedback
Giving feedback
Setting new targets
Receiving feedback
The importance of acting on feedback

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