Inside Sales Skills: Call handling techniques and managing yourself

Course Description

The purpose of this session is to ensure that agents have an understanding of best practice in call handling techniques. Relevant practical exercises taken from their daily phone call types will be used. Details on the various types of customers and how to serve them best will be incorporated. Agents will practice sales call structures and closing the sale scenarios. Agents will also learn techniques to handle their own attitude and emotions on a call and how to be able to handle calls with more confidence. The focus is on incremental changes in behaviour and increased performance in the contact centre
1 or 2 Days
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Participants may be new to contact centres but are expected to have some prior experience in their role even if only for a short period.

What’s missing in Telephone Communication?

To begin, participants will explore Alfred Mehrabian's study on communication and how it effects telephone communication. Participants will also learn the role that body language plays in telephone communication.

Verbal Communication

This session will cover the four Es of an effective telephone voice and how you can use them to promote a service image.

Who are Your Customers?

In this session, participants will learn about what a customer is, and they will identify some of their own customers.

Listening Skills

During this session, participants will learn techniques for active listening and staying focused.

Asking the Right Questions

In this session, participants will learn about open and closed questions and probes.

Sales by Phone

This session will discuss how to use information delivery and rapport building to help participants sell over the phone.

Structure of a sales call

This session will outline the various parts of a sales call, from opening questions to selling the benefits of the products or services. This session will break down their call types into practical roadmaps for handling calls.

Closing down the Voice

This session will give participants a chance to practice some vocal exercises.

Closing the Sale

Next, participants will develop good questions that can help them close a sale.

Managing the self

Being a proficient agent will require a lot of skill in managing emotions and responses. Each of us has a unique style of communicating and sometimes this is not the most appropriate. In this session agents will learn techniques to handle their own emotions and style, which will improve the customer and agent experience.

Target practice

Agree targets and objectives for practice for the coming week on the phone.

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