Inside Sales Skills: Script development and handling objections

Course Description

This session is focused on building on and fine-tuning skills the agents have developed and working on improving skills for scripting, handling objections and advanced selling techniques. We review whether targets and objectives set for agents are being achieved. This is a discussion-based session, with a focus on how the team could have handled calls and workload better and where are they already comfortable and confident. We will incorporate listening to some excellent examples and listening to calls with room for improvement.
1 or 2 Days
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Participants are expected to have contact centre experience but may be drawn from either newer candidates moving into an Inside Sales role or more experienced agents seeking a refresher of their skills.

Cold and Warm Calls

During this session, participants will learn about these two types of calls and how to maximize their efficiency in each.

Developing a Script

Scripts can be an effective tool, particularly for cold calls. This session will give participants a chance to lay out the framework for their script

Perfecting the Script

Next, participants will learn ways to customize their scripts. We will also look at FAQ sheets and how they can help participants on a daily basis.

Going Above and Beyond

This session will give participants 15 techniques for success and some ways to customize their service.

Selling the benefits

How do you identify the product benefits?
What are the various success stories of clients?
How can you use benefits in your call?
In this session we will use existing stories of how clients have used our products or services to improve their working life and develop a benefit listing by customer type.

Handling Objections

During this session, participants will learn different ways to address objections.


During this session, participants will work in pairs to rewrite dry and less than imaginative statements to show empathy for their customers.


Negotiation is a key skill for contact centre success. During this session, participants will learn four things that they can do to become better negotiators.

It`s More than Just a Phase

Participants will learn about the four phases of negotiation and some different types of negotiation.

High Impact Moments

This session will explore some situations where you come into contact with a client or customer at a time when you can have a huge impact on them.

Phone Tag and Getting the Call Back

While today's technology can make it hard to reach a decision maker, it also provides opportunities. This session will give participants some tools to deal with phone tag.

Dealing with Difficult Customers

This session will give participants nine easy techniques for managing difficult customers. We will also look at how to deal with vulgarity.

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