Managing the Customer Service Experience

Course Description

For many organisations the traditional service performance levels are not sufficient to ensure customer loyalty. The customer experience has become the battle ground for competitive advantage. While many managers focus on internal metrics the customer�s perspective may be neglected. This well intentioned but fragmented or disorganised approach may create a breakdown between the organisational strategy and the operational reality experienced by the customer. This course is not a traditional customer care course. It is designed to help managers to discover the root causes of gaps in customer service delivery and identify which areas can be improved by individuals, which by the organisation and which require further consideration outside a training programme.
2 days
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Who should attend?

Service representatives, managers and team leaders in the Customer Service field.

Day 1

It`s not your product or service it`s their product or service

The organisation as a training resource
What do new employees learn?
What`s in a name; customers, clients, people
The customer is always ..the customer
More than courtesy or faster ways of handling queues

You are the company

What problems do you solve for the customers?
Using the customer's perspective
Four fundamental questions
Identifying the cause of customer dissatisfaction
Dealing with customer expectations
How your behaviour impacts on the customer

Analysing your customer Base

The needs and requirements of:
the business customer
the retail customer
the internal customer

Day 2

Communicating Professionally

Conveying a professional message
It`s not what you say; it`s what they hear
Don't blame your workmates or organisation
Your role as translator
In person

How accurate are our impressions of others

Why does the customer behave in this way
The power of the self-fulfilling prophecy
The role of organisational culture
The role of national culture

The role of listening

Active listening
Hearing only what you expect to hear
Seeking points of mutual agreement

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