Power BI Desktop Essentials

Course Description

Power BI Desktop is part of the suite of tools from Microsoft which enable data to be analysed and published from a variety of sources. This course provides a solid introduction to using Power BI Desktop to connect to data, create visualisations, query the data and publish reports.
1 days


Participants should have at least Intermediate Excel and database user skills. They need:
An understanding of basic data concepts
Ability to create and format chart outputs
Ability to create formulas using standard aggregate functions

Learning Objectives

Participants will learn:
Power BI Desktop concepts and main features
Data sources compatible with Power BI Desktop
Connecting to data with Power BI Desktop
Exploring data visualisations
Applying common query tasks to shape data in Power BI Desktop
Creating and publishing reports

Getting Started with Power BI

An Introduction to Power BI
Working with Power BI Desktop Files
Connecting to Data Sources with Power BI Desktop
Creating a Report with Visualizations
Doing More with Visualizations

Working with Data

Transforming and Sanitizing Data
Using the Query Editor
Data Modeling
Managing Relationships

Working with Reports and Visualizations

Managing Report Pages
Changing Report View Options
Working with Visualizations
Adding Static Objects to a Report

A Closer Look at Visualizations

Matrixes, Tables, and Charts
Cards, Gauges, and KPIs

Introduction to the Power BI Web App

Getting Started
Connecting to Data Sources with the Power BI Web App
Using Workspaces, Dashboards, and Reports
Power BI Web App Features

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