Providing Technical Support

Course Description

In most organisations employees have little patience when technology breaks down or when the IT professional explains that the proposed action is not possible. In responding to their clients the support professional needs to develop a new mindset - a skill set to add to their existing technical skills. These new skills such as communicating, managing expectations, and empathizing are increasingly important for IT roles which are business facing. This workshop does not present a set of soft skills designed to help the team to be nice on the telephone or answer within four rings. It will present the core skills that are essential to achieve the hard results and deliver responsive technical support.
2 Days
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The reality of the IT support role is that most users only contact the support team when they have a difficulty or a problem. This workshop redefines their role as key support for customers to enable them to achieve their goals. It builds on their existing skills and expertise and recognises the limitations of their role.

The core skills for success

Managing expectations
Effective questioning techniques
Problem solving
Building trust

Defining your role

Customers- clients, Business Partners

Telephone skills

Russian roulette or managed communication
Active listening
Building rapport

Communication Skills

How what you say influences how they respond
Assertive communication
Building on your technical skills

Overcoming the Barriers to Communication

Managing complaints
Establishing credibility
Incorrect assumptions

Your role in retaining customers

Make it easy to do business with you
Converting customers in customer referrals

What is important to Customers?

How does your product live in their organisation?
How does the breakdown impact on bottom line or productivity
Are there alternative solutions
Short term fix or long term fix

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