Credit Union Consultancy Services

Credit Union Environment

The increased level of regulation and restructuring within the movement is placing a noticeable strain on management and boards of directors. Our experienced advisors work with credit unions nationwide to deal with this new reality.

We provide a comprehensive range of consultancy and training services to the credit union movement. For more details, please visit

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is a prerequisite in any credit union. The recent Commission Report recommends that each credit union must prepare a strategic plan moving forward. Our experienced team of advisors assist credit unions in the strategic planning process. We can act as lead facilitators in this process. Alternatively, we can partner with credit unions by offering a holistic service that would include the preparation and drafting of the strategic plan. We work in partnership with credit unions at all times to ensure maximum value is added to any assignment we undertake on your behalf.

Restructuring Plans

We can independently advise credit unions on any restructuring proposals that they may be considering. The amalgamation of any credit unions can be a complex process. Due consideration must be given to the financial, operational and cultural fit of any proposed merger. We can provide an objective and comprehensive review of any proposal in advance of the ReBo process.

Governance Structures

The Regulator is placing increased emphasis on this subject matter. The Commission Report and the recent introduction of PRISM highlights the growing importance of corporate governance within the movement. The adoption of ‘best practice’ governance standards by individual credit unions is becoming an operational and strategic necessity. We are on hand to advise credit unions in these matters.

Internal Control Review (Financial & Operational)

We concentrate on the key internal controls of the Credit Union. Existing controls are reviewed in detail, to ensure that they comply with best practice within the movement.

IT Controls

We provide a comprehensive review of the Credit Union’s IT system, undertaken from an internal control and security perspective.

The review covers - at a minimum - operational controls (password, teller controls etc), up to formal contingency planning.


We specialise in training for operational efficiency across IT and management skills and we have delivered programmes for Credit Unions covering topics including Report Writing, Time Management, Customer Service, Market Research, Change Management and a broad range of IT courses from end-users with MS Office to Database Querying for IT staff.

The above list of services is by no means exhaustive. Obviously, management and the Board of a Credit Union may have individual topics that may require our specific attention. A preliminary meeting with all concerned parties would be a necessary exercise before any formal review could commence.