Angular Developer Training - Advanced

Course Description

This course follows on from the Angular Introduction course and covers the more advanced but widely used features and techniques that Angular has to offer. It covers Angular including the more recent developments in Angular 8, Angular 9 and Angular 10. The course includes the ability to create your own directives, pipes and validators, advanced asynchronous operations and HttpClient calls using observables. In addition, automated testing and deployment techniques and other useful features that every developer should be aware of are covered to take your Angular development skills to the next level.
5 days
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Participants should be familiar with the basic Angular concepts including angular cli, components, services, directives, pipes, data binding and dependency injection.

Advanced directives

More advanced built-in directives
Creating your own custom directives

Advanced pipes

More advanced built-in pipes
Creating your own custom pipe

Advanced forms

Template driven forms
Data binding
Built in validation
Custom validation
Reactive forms

Advanced component styling

Advanced css techniques
Understanding the Shadow DOM
Material design
Themed components

Asynchronous operations

Async / await

Ajax Requests

RESTful web services

Authentication and authorisation

Authentication providers
Json Web Tokens (JWT)
Creating an authentication service

Advanced routing

Route parameters
Routes with multiple parameters
Query parameters
Dynamically created navigation
Role based routing with authentication

State management

What is meant by state?
When is state management necessary?
State management libraries
Introduction to Redux

Angular lifecycle hooks

What are lifecycle hooks?
Understanding interfaces
Using ngOnInit() instead of the constructor

Mobile development

What is NativeScript?
Cross platform development for IOS and android
Creating a mobile app using NativeScript and Angular

Automated testing

automated testing frameworks - karma and jasmine
ng test
Writing unit tests
Testing a component
Testing a service


How is an Angular web application deployed
Development environment versus production environment
Customising your environments
Just in time versus ahead of time compilation

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