Automating Analysis with Advanced features of MS Excel

Course Description

This course is intended for experienced Excel users to advance their skills and find short-cuts and tips to get more from Excel. It will introduce participants to Excel`s automated techniques in both forecasting and historical analysis. Anyone who wishes to expand their Excel skills to maximise their output versus their time input will benefit. The course is intended to demonstrate the power of Excel without recourse to programming in VBA i.e. using the preset tools in Excel. This course will operate with a mixture of classroom delivery and practical exercises using a case study approach. The emphasis will be on delivering practical techniques which can be used in everyday work, rather than on esoteric theory.
1 days
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This course is intended for experienced excel users.


Useful macros will be presented especially covering more tedious areas such as printing, graphing, filing etc. A number of macros will be developed within the classroom setting and as part of the case study. Further macros will be included in summary notes.


Most users operate only a limited number of functions (e.g. SUM etc.) A number of powerful Excel functions useful for analytical purposes will be introduced such as SUMPRODUCT, D functions, financial functions and information functions(CELL, ISERROR, TRIM etc

Time Based Functions

Including various examples of time arithmetic etc.


Most users only use the standard toolbar buttons and bars so here we include a number that are not that well known but are still very useful.

Custom Toolbars

The creation of custom toolbars will be covered including why and when these might be of benefit.


Techniques in designing graphs will be discussed and examples presented.




Planning for Corporation Tax in a model

Setting up key ratios

Data Consolidation Techniques

Pivot Tables

Practical examples of where accountants could use pivot tables as well as the standard theory in this subject.

Range Names

Advanced uses

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