Docker Fundamentals

Course Description

The Docker Fundamentals training course is for software developers and systems administrators seeking to gain a foundational understanding of the Docker platform.
2 days
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Delegates should have experience with the Linux command line interface, and have a basic knowledge of networking

Course Objectives

In informal workshop style, delegates will learn how to:

Launch containers using the Docker CLI
Build Docker images, using Dockerfiles
Make use of different networking options
Include Docker in a development workflow
Create a Swarm cluster
Deploy services to a Swarm cluster
Manage service updates and rollbacks

Day One - Introduction to Docker

Docker Overview
Training Environment
Installing Docker
First Containers
Background Containers
Start And Attach

Docker Images

Initial Images
Building Images Interactively
Building Images With Dockerfiles
Cmd And Entrypoint
Copying Files During Build
Multi Stage Builds
Publishing To Docker Hub
Dockerfile Tips

Docker Networking

Naming And Inspecting
Container Networking Basics
Network Drivers
Container Network Model

Developing with Docker

Local Development Workflow
Working With Volumes
Compose For Dev Stacks
Advanced Dockerfiles

Day Two - Introduction to Swarm

Training Environment
Sample Application - DockerCoins
Running the Application
Identifying Bottlenecks
Declarative vs. Imperative
Swarm Mode
Creating a Swarm

Swarm Services

Running a Swarm Service
DockerCoins on Swarm
Hosting a Registry
Global Scheduling
Integration with Compose
Updating Services
Rolling Updates

Operating a Swarm Cluster

Breaking into an Overlay Network
Securing Overlay Networks
SwarmKit Debugging Tools
Secrets Management
Encryption at Rest
Least Privilege Model
Updating Services
Rolling Updates

Advanced Topics

Stateful Services
Controlling Docker from a Container
Node Management
Links and Resources