Excel 2007 Expert

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We suggest the following instead:
Programming in VBA - Using Microsoft Excel

Course Description

This Expert course is designed for experienced Excel users who wish to use begin to programme Excel 2007 using Add-Ins, XML, Macros, VBA and ActiveX controls.

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To ensure the successful completion of the Expert course, the completion of the Advanced course or equivalent knowledge is recommended.

Add-ins, Smart Tags, and Digital Security

Add-ins and the Trust Center
What is a COM Add-in?
Add-In Management
Installing Add-ins
Using the Trust Center

Information Rights Management

What is IRM?
Requirements for IRM
Downloading and Installing the Rights Management Client Software
Using IRM
Opening an IRM Protected Document

Digital Signatures

What is a Digital Signature?
Obtaining a Digital Signature
Attaching your Signature to a Workbook

Smart Tags and XML

What is a Smart Tag?
Inserting Smart Tags into a Worksheet
Setting Smart Tag Options
Creating Custom Smart Tags

Macros, VBA, and Excel Programming

Recording Macros
Playing a Macro
Macro Security

More Macro Tasks

Recording a Relative Reference Macro
Running a Relative Reference Macro
Assigning a Keystroke to a Macro
Copying a Macro from a Workbook or Template

Visual Basic and Macros

Opening the Visual Basic Editor
Adding Code to your Macro
Adding Comments to VBA Code
Declaring Variables
Prompting for User Input
Iteration over a Range
Using IF Then Else Statements

Expert Topics

Form Controls
What is a Form Control?
Adding a Control to a Worksheet
Assigning a Macro to a Control
Using Form Controls

Advanced Functions

Using Financial Functions
Understanding Logical Functions
Applying Logical Functions

Using SharePoint

Creating a Document Workspace
Accessing a Workspace
Publishing to a Document Workspace

User Forms and ActiveX Controls

Creating a Blank User Form
Adding Controls to the Form
Adding Buttons and VBA Code
Starting the User Form with a Macro

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