G Suite Custom Functions and Automation Introduction

Course Description

This is an introduction to the scripting features that are available in GSuite. There are two broad use cases - creating custom functions and automating tasks. Custom functions can make your sheets easier to understand or can do things that are not possible with the built-in functions. Automating repetitive tasks is another use for scripting and can take help you work smarter rather than harder and eliminate potential sources of human error.
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Participants should be experienced GSuite users - or MS Office Advanced users.

Scripting Introduction

GSuite scripting is done using google script which is a JavaScript variant. This lesson will look at the script editor and introduce the basic scripting syntax.

A GSuite custom function

A simple custom function
A more complicated custom function

Automating a task

The GSuite custom function second use case is to automate a task.
Perhaps you have to do three operations every time you open a Sheet - you can automate these to become a single operation.
We will create some simple scripts for automating tasks.

Launching a script

When you have a reusable script you will need to launch it. There are various techniques for doing this. We will look at adding a clickable element to a sheet and modifying the menu structure.

Recording a macro / script

A new feature in GSuite is the ability to record a macro.
Customising a recorded macro.
Launching a macro.

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