G Suite Google Sheets Automation For Non Programmers

Course Description

G Suite (formerly Google Apps for Work) is a suite of cloud based productivity and collaboration tools that are a competitor to Microsoft Office 365. The suite has a full programing interface and can be customised and automated in a variety of ways. This is a hands-on course that gives participants an opportunity to learn how to program and automate functions in Google Sheets the Google Apps Spreadsheet in G Suite. If you have never done any programming this course will open your eyes as to how you can automate various functions in GSuite and Sheets in particular.
3 days
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G Suite Overview

This lesson is an overview of the G Suite applications such as Google Documents, Google Sheets,

Basic Scripting

Opening the script editor
What computer programming language is gs?
Basic syntax, creating a hello world function.
Calling the function.

Automating a task in Google Documents

Find a problem to solve.
Some ideas of things that can be automated
Create a function to solve it.
Various ways of getting the function to run.

Basic programming techniques

Before you can program there are a number of basic concepts that you need to understand. How do we store values? How can we group code into reusable pieces? How do we make decisions? How do we program repetitive tasks? This lesson will introduce these concepts and show you how to do them in the script editor.
Making decisions - If statement
Repetition - loops
Passing data to a function
Getting an answer from a function

Debugging - What to do when things don’t work

Getting feedback from your code
How do you know which lines are being run?
How do you know that the computer has calculated the right answer?
How do you determine where things went wrong?
What is a Debugger?
How do I set a Breakpoint?
Stepping through code one line at a time
Viewing the values

Creating a custom function in Google Sheets

Google Sheets has a wide variety of built in functions but they don’t cover everything that you could possibly need. Eventually you may need to create your own function. Often you will end up with an incredibly complex formula that can be vastly simplified by having a custom function. This module will show you how to write your own custom functions.
Creating a function
Putting your custom function in a cell
Testing and debugging
Error handling

Programming Spreadsheet tasks

Working with ranges
Iterating through a range
Reading values from a cell
Writing values to a cell
Reading a formula from a cell
Writing a formula to a cell
Copying a row
Creating a new sheet
Copying data to the new sheet

G Suite Integration

Integrating with other parts of G Suite
Creating a Google Docs document from your spreadsheet
Sending this document in an email.

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