Google G Suite for end users

Course Description

This course is intended to help all novice G Suite users get up to speed quickly. We will cover how to log into a GSuite account, navigate its interface, and use Drive, Docs, Sheets and Slides to complete common productivity tasks.
2 days
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No previous GSuite experience required. Participants should be competent computer users.

By the end of this course, users should be comfortable with navigating their account, using Google Drive, creating documents in Google Docs, working with data in Google Sheets, and creating presentations in Google Slides.

About G Suite

Topic A: Overview
Topic B: Signing In

Google Drive

Topic A: Getting Started with Google Drive
Topic B: Work with Files
Topic C: Organize and Search Google Drive

Google Docs (Part 1)

Topic A: Getting Started with Google Docs
Topic B: Composing and Editing Google Docs (Part 1)
Topic C: Composing and Editing Google Docs (Part 2)

Google Docs (Part 2)

Topic A: Working with Images and Tables
Topic B: Collaborate with Google Docs
Topic C: Reviewing and Distributing Documents

Google Sheets

Topic A: Getting Started with Google Sheets
Topic B: Editing Spreadsheets
Topic C: Working with Spreadsheet Data
Topic D: Formatting and Finalizing Spreadsheets

Google Slides

Topic A: Getting Started with Google Slides
Topic B: Formatting a Presentation
Topic C: Editing Google Slides
Topic D: Presenting and Sharing Google Slides

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