Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2013 Advanced Essentials

Course Description

This course will teach participants advanced skills for working with SharePoint Designer 2013. This 12-module course covers data sources, external objects, lists and libraries, cascading style sheets, web parts, web part zones, workflows, data views, and item forms.
1 days
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Participants should have taken our SharePoint Designer 2013 Intermediate course, or have equivalent knowledge.

Working with Data Sources

Viewing Existing Data Sources
Linking to a SharePoint Data Source
Renaming a Data Source
Deleting a Data Source

Working with External Object

Creating an XML Connection
About Database Connections
Creating a Database Connection
About SOAP and REST Connections
Creating a SOAP or REST Connection

Working with Individual Lists and Libraries

Opening a List or Library
Changing the List or Library Name and Description
Changing List or Library Permissions
Previewing a List or Library in the Browser

Customizing List or Library Behavior

Adding and Removing Content Types
Adding and Removing Views
Adding and Removing List Forms
Adding and Removing Custom Actions

Using Cascading Style Sheets

About Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
Creating CSS Files
Attaching a Style Sheet to a Page
Deleting CSS Files

Using Styles

About Styles and the Style Tab
Creating a New Style
Using the Apply Styles Pane
Using the Manage Styles Pane

Working with Web Parts

About Web Parts
Creating a Web Part Page
Adding Parts to an Existing Page
Saving Web Parts
Deleting Web Parts

Working with Web Part Zones

About Web Part Zones
Creating Web Part Zones
Customizing Web Part Zones
Controlling Web Part Zone Access
Deleting a Web Part Zone

Managing Workflows

About Types of Workflows
Creating Workflows
Viewing Workflows
Editing Workflows
Renaming Workflows
Deleting Workflows

Advanced Workflow Tasks

Changing Workflow Start Options
Saving a Workflow Template
Exporting Workflows to Visio
Importing Workflows from Visio

Creating Data Views

Creating a New Data View
Editing a Data View
Testing a Data View

Creating Item Forms

Creating a New Item Form
Editing an Item Form
Testing an Item Form

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