Time Management and Excel 2007

Course Description

Do you ever feel overwhelmed at work, no matter how hard you try to keep on top of things? The modern worker has a lot of stresses at work, including meetings, deadlines, and a mountain of e-mail Even the most dedicated worker will fall behind if they don’t make good use of their time. This one-day course is designed to teach you effective time management and organization techniques, and show you how you can apply these skills using Microsoft Office Excel 2007. You will learn the simple yet powerful time management strategies used by the pros. You will also learn how to organize your desk/workspace, make the best use of a planner, and set up Excel 2007 to help maximize your productivity.
1 days
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Participants are expected to have used MS Excel in their day to day role. This course is not intended as an Introduction to Excel, but as a route to making better use of the package to manage your time.

Getting Started

The Power of Change
Case Study: Another Day at the Office
Planning Tools
Excel 101

Setting Up Excel

The Quick Access Toolbar
Changing your Worksheet Default Settings
Setting Formula Options
Changing the Appearance of Your Excel Interface
Starting Excel Automatically when Windows Boots

The Four D`s

Do, Dump, Delay, and Delegate
Do: The Nuts and Bolts of Using Excel
Dump: Getting Rid of Things You Don't Need
Delay: Make Excel Remember for You
Delegate: Get Things Done

Finding What You Need

Organizing Your Workspace
Sorting Based on File Type
Sorting and Filtering Data
Conditional Formatting

Excel 2007Microsoft Excel 2007