Toad Data Point for End Users

Course Description

Give your technical staff that competitive edge with this Workshop for end users. This course introduces students to the querying and analytical capabilities of using Toad Data Point and Intelligence Central. Students will learn to load/modify/save data, create spreadsheets and other deliverables, and refine/run ad hoc queries. They will learn to view, chart, and analyze multidimensional data. They will also learn to produce individual ad hoc reports and make these reports and information easy to access via dash boards. Lectures are supported by hands on student lab exercises.
2-Day Hands on Workshop
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Topics covered

• Introduction/Analytics Overview
• Toad Data Point and data warehouse overview
• Introduction to Toad Data Point and Intelligence Central
• Toad Data Point Quick Start
• Working with various data sources
• Transform and cleanse data
• Accessing data in various data stores and formats
• Apply Joins and Conditions
• Introduction to Query Builder
• Data Manipulation including transform, cleanse, views, and snapshots
• Working with SQL, functions, and code snippets
• Visualization Techniques in formatting Data/Views/Graphs
• Export/Import of connections and other maintenance items
• Automation and scheduling for any Toad Data Point task

Recommended additional course: SQL for End Users – Includes SQL, ANSI SQL, and an overview of Analytical SQL (Oracle database only)

Lectures and related topics are enhanced with live illustrations and hands-on exercises

Attendees Receive

• Study guide with useful real world examples that includes all presentations and relevant white papers
• A hands-on opportunity to learn more about Toad Data Point and Business Analytics

About Dan Hotka

Dan Hotka is a Training Specialist and an Oracle ACE Director Alumni (a group of recognized Oracle Experts by Oracle Corp) who has over 38 years in the computer industry, over 32 years of experience with Oracle products, over 20 years with decision support tools. His experience with the Oracle RDBMS dates back to the Oracle V4.0 days. Dan enjoys sharing his knowledge of the Oracle RDBMS. Dan is well published with 14 Oracle books and well over 200 published articles. He is frequently published in Oracle trade journals, regularly blogs, and speaks at Oracle conferences and user groups around the world.
Dan worked for Quest Software for three years and has maintained a great working relationship with the Toad Team. working mostly with upgrades to the Toad and Toad Data Point products. He developed the Toad and Toad Data Point courseware and worked closely with the Toad Product Manager to develop the Toad Data Point course.

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