UNIX Level One

Course Description

Students will learn the basic skills necessary to understand the structure of the UNIX operating system and to use the available utilities and commands to manage their personal file structures in the UNIX C Shell.
2 days
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A PC Literacy course or equivalent knowledge.

Overview of the UNIX Operating System

Unix features and benefits
Unix history and evolution
Unix standardisation
The structure of Unix

Establishing Communication

Starting the Unix session
Using basic Unix commands
Understanding the Unix command syntax
Using the Unix "help" facility

Introduction to the Filing System

Examining Unix files and directories
Moving through the file system
Using full and partial paths
Understanding current and parent directories

Multiuser Communications

Unix mail
Interactive "talk" program

File Management

Creating directories
Copying files and directories
Moving and renaming files and directories
Removing files and directories
Using shell metacharacters

UNIX Permissions

Understanding permissions
File permissions
Directory permissions

Redirection, Filters and Pipes

Exploring standard input, standard output and standard error
Using filters
Using pipes

Using the VI Editor

Creating a vi. file
Editing a vi. file
Working with database files
Advanced vi techniques

Introduction to Shell Scripts

Creating a shell script
Examining a database with a shell script

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