Upgrading To Microsoft Office Excel 2007

Course Description

This course provides an overview of the redesigned user interface and introduces the interactive new features and functionality of Microsoft Office Excel 2007. Upon completing this course, you will be able to use the new and enhanced feature of Excel 2007, organize data in Excel worksheets using enhanced tables and table formats, analyze Excel data by applying enhanced conditional formatting, and generate specific information using the sort and filter options and also present Excel data using enhanced charts and illustrations, as well as work with the enhanced options of PivotTables for conducting selective analysis.

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This course is designed for experienced users who have worked with earlier versions of Excel, and who have, or about to upgrade to Microsoft Office Excel 2007. This training manual covers the commonly used new features for a typical user.


What`s New In Excel 2007
Viewing the Excel 2007 Window
Using the Excel 2007 Ribbon
How To Work With The Ribbon
How To Customize The Status Bar
How To Change The Views
How To Show And Hide Workbook Elements
How To Use The Zoom
How To Use The Compatibility Checker
How To Save A Workbook
How To Save With A Different File Format
How To Document Workbook Properties
How To Change The Margin In The Page Layout View
How To Add A Header
How To Add An Image As A Watermark


How To Resize The Formula Bar
How To Use AutoComplete To Create Formulas
How To Turn Formula AutoComplete on or off
How To Insert Other Functions Using AutoSum Button
How To Create Names Using Create From Selection Button
How To Insert A Name In A Formula
How To Manage Names Using The Name Manager
How To Evaluate A Nested Formula
How To Use The Watch Window


How To Format The Data
How To Draw A Border To Cells
How To Use The Conditional Formatting To Highlight Cells
How To Use The Data Bars
How To Use The Color Scales
How To Use The Icon Sets
How To Edit The Rules
How To Change The Precedence Of The Rules
How To Stop A Rule
How To Clear The Rules
How To Apply A Built-in Cell Style
How To Create A Custom Cell Style
How To Apply A Custom Cell Style
How To Modify / Delete A Cell Style
How To Apply A Theme
How To Create New Theme Colors
How To Create New Theme Fonts
How To Select The Theme Effects
How To Save The Custom Theme


Working With Tables
How To Create A Table
How To Format A Table
How To Create A New Table Style
How To Show Or Hide Table Elements
How To Create A Calculation In A Table
How To Insert And Delete Rows In A Table
How To Resize A Table
How To Sort The Data In A Table
How To Convert A Table To A Range
How To Create A PivotTable
How To Change The Layout Of A PivotTable
How To Change The Value Settings
How To Show Filtered Data
How To Change A PivotTable Options


Working With Illustrations And Charts
How To Insert An Object And Apply A Style To It
How To Apply Shape To A Picture
How To Apply An Effect
How To Rearrange Objects Using The Selection Pane
How To Insert A SmartArt
How To Use The SmartArt Text Pane
How To Change The Shape In A SmartArt
How To Insert A Chart
How To Edit Chart Data Source
How To Change A Chart Layout And Style
How To Modify The Chart Elements
How To Format The Chart Elements


How To Inspect A Workbook
How To Apply Password Protection To The Editable Cells

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