Upgrading to Microsoft Office Excel 2010 Complete

Course Description

Microsoft Office Excel 2010 is Microsoft’s popular and powerful spreadsheet application. This new version of Excel incorporates a variety of streamlining tools to help experienced users better calculate and represent their data. This Upgrading course is intended to help experienced users of Excel 2007 and earlier get up to speed with new features and functionality. This manual will also help users of Excel 2003 and earlier who have little to no experience with Excel 2007 and the ribbon interface.
Highlights of the course include an overview of new features and interface changes, how to customize the interface, how to save workbooks in PDF and XPS formats, and an introduction on using SharePoint Server 2010 and Windows Live SkyDrive. This course also discusses Excel’s new picture management tools, equations, Sparklines, conditional formatting, Solver, PivotCharts, PivotTables, and PowerPivot.
1 days
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This course is designed for experienced users who have worked with earlier versions of Excel, and who have, or about to upgrade to Microsoft Office Excel 2010. This training manual covers the commonly used new features for a typical user.

Getting Started

The course will begin by teaching participants how to open and interact with Excel. They will also learn about Excel’s new features. This section also describes how to view and use tabs on the ribbon, how to customize the Quick Access toolbar, and how to create and customize ribbon tabs.

New Workbook Features

This section will begin with a complete overview of Excel’s new printing features. We will also discuss methods of saving files in different formats and tools that can help ensure file consistency. Next, this section will introduce students to SharePoint Server 2010 and Windows Live SkyDrive, and how these sharing features interact with Excel 2010. Finally, participants will learn about new picture and image-based features. Topics include screenshots, picture-based SmartArt, artistic image effects, the new background removal tool, and equations.

New Formatting and Data Management Features

In this section, participants will learn about the new Sparkline feature, improved conditional formatting tools, and the enhanced Solver add-in.

Pivoting Data

The final section of this course will explore how PivotTables and PivotCharts have changed in Excel 2010. The new PowerPivot add-in will also be discussed.

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