EU GDPR Practitioner Training Course

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This EU General Data Protection Regulation Practitioner instructor-led course builds on the GDPR Foundation qualification to equip practitioners to manage GDPR compliance in Irish and EU organisations of any size. It is not a legal qualification; it equips GDPR practitioners to work with legal advisors and to ensure that GDPR compliance is effectively designed, implemented and maintained. The exam leads to the IBITGQ Practitioner certificate.
The Certified GDPR Foundation certificate is a pre-requisite for this course.
CPD / CPE Hours:
This course is equivalent to 28 CPD/CPE hours/credits.
Day One:

What is personal data?
The role of the Data Protection Officer (DPO)
Accountability, the Privacy Compliance Framework and PIMS (Personal Information Management System)
Lessons from common data security failures
Understand each of the 6 Data Privacy Principals and how, in practical terms, to apply them and to demonstrate compliance
Day Two:
Security of personal data
Organisational risk management framework
Legal requirements for DPIA (Data Privacy Impact Assessment)
How to conduct a DPIA
Why and how to conduct a data mapping exercise
Day Three:
The Rights of Data Subjects
Data Subjects: giving and withdrawing consent
Handling Subject Access Requests
Roles of - and relationships between - controllers and processors
Personal data, international organisations, non-EEA states and the EU-US Privacy Shield
Day Four:
Incident response and data breach reporting
Enforcement, regulatory and compensatory issues
Transition to -and demonstrating compliance with- the GDPR

Course Exam ̴ 14:30 (90 mins)
The end of course exam will take place in the afternoon of the 4th day, at about 14:30.
The exam consists of 40 questions with multiple choice answers; candidates have a maximum of 90 minutes to complete the course. The pass mark is 65%.