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Our unique, focused courses bring the skills of MS Excel users from absolute beginners to the most advanced use of VBA, Macros, Lambda, OpenPyXL and moving on to Power BI. Gaining skills in Microsoft Excel allows users to reduce errors, avoid lost data and make proper use of the Excel tools to keep track of costs, manage essential data and view trends within your industry. Unskilled users of Excel waste time searching for the data they need – time that could be better used making decisions based on the information. Learning tools and techniques for Reporting, Summarising, Visualising and Presenting data with Excel ensures it’s a valuable tool in your company or organization.

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Microsoft Office Excel Advanced

Excel Courses for Advanced Users

Rolling Forecasts with Excel
Supercharge your Excel skills with Python and OpenPyXl
Business Plan Modelling using Excel
Excel 365 Integration and Automation essentials
Data Analysis using Excel 365
Programming in VBA - Using Microsoft Excel
Excel Macros from A to Z using VBA
Saved Searches
Advanced Excel
Microsoft Excel
MS Excel
Pivot Tables
Excel 365
Dynamic Arrays
Office 365
Excel 2021
Rolling Forecasts
Microsoft Excel 2021
Data Analysis
Data Analytics
Business Planning
Automating Analysis
Excel Macro **
Excel Macro Programming
Excel VBA **
Visual Basic for Applications
Dashboard Reporting
Excel Dashboards
Excel Macro
Excel VBA