Managing Team Meetings

Course Description

This session will present the necessary skills and techniques to proactively manage a diverse team to high performance goals. It will help the managers to use team meetings and informal interactions as value-added dialogues when planning and implementing ways to meet targets and goals. It recognises the diversity within teams and presents some techniques to use individual and group knowledge to develop the team. It enables the evolution from a "we are doing our best" to "is this the best we can do?" attitude.
1 day
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Participants should be managing teams or about to move into that role.

Managing a global team

Building and developing your team
Keeping the focus on the deal
Tracking and highlighting success
Pay attention - recognise under-performance

Effective team meetings

Eliminate useless meetings
The importance of a results driven structure
Manage to results- share the important metrics
Conducting a situational analysis
Where are the opportunities and barriers
Team trust - task based and interpersonal
Maintaining a balance between creativity and discipline
Knowledge management in teams

Cultural Factors

Areas of cultural impact
Cultural awareness and sensitivity
The cultural iceberg
The imitations of English as a common language
Checking the phrases your teams use
Attitudes towards time and deadlines


Motivating Yourself
Motivating others
Aligning motivators to performance goals

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